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VOIP Dictionary

Broadband – A broadband connection is one that transmits data at a rate of over 100kps.   Broadband service is required in order to access the services of a VOIP provider.

Clipping – Term that refers to words or parts of a conversation being dropped when either two people attempt to talk at the same time over a VOIP line or due to a temporary loss of signal.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) – One of the types of high-speed Internet access required to access a VOIP service.

Hub – A hub is a device that distributes communication data between different devices, such as a PC, printer, fax machine or VOIP set top box.

Internet Protocol (IP) – The method by which information is sent from one computer to another using the Internet.  Computers have their own individual IP addresses that help differentiate it from other computers delivering information online.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) – A company that, for a fee, provides access to the Internet.  An ISP account is required to gain access to a VOIP service.

Internet Telephony – Refers to any means of voice communication transmitted over the web.  For example, “VOIP is a growing method of Internet telephony.”

Online – A term used to describe an individual who is currently active on the Internet.

Router – A router is a device used to connect computers on an Ethernet network and deliver data between them.

Set Top Box – A device that is installed near the PC and high-speed Internet connection that allows individuals to access their VOIP service.

T1 – A high-speed method of data transmission that is currently one of the most widely used forms of online communication in the United States. 

WI-FI -  Wireless internet technology that allows individuals to access the Internet without wires while in the vicinity of the signal.

WI-FI Phone – A WI-FI capable cell phone allows individuals to access their VOIP services without using a phone connected to their computer.   As long as the VOIP service is active, and the individual is within range of the WI-FI signal, they can communicate as if using a standard cell phone.

VOIP – An acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol

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